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Thursday, January 12, 2023

Review: The Impossible [Trilogy]

The Impossible Book 2

A short (just under 4 hrs) audiobook that introduces the space pirate crew of the Impossible and its captain (St Rita of impossible causes). This is the first part of a trilogy that probably should all be combined into a 12 hr omnibus. While the narration is decent, the story is a fairly formulaic, character driven story about childhood friends now on opposites sides (pirate vs government). From that perspective, it was also a decent story and the main characters were fairly sympathetic; however, the details are poorly researched and tend to rub against the grain a lot (aka poor world building) … for example … in a “dog fight” between a “battleship” and a two person “speeder” the battleship pilot is able to read the uniform patch of the speeder pilot? Once or twice you can sorta just let it go, but there were so many occasions of WTF that it was difficult to stay in the story. There are a few surprises that keep the story interesting enough to stay the course as casual entertainment.

The is the second [very short] installment of The Impossible Trilogy in what really should have been a single story; and this installment was a great example of why. It picks up where the story ends (not really a cliff hanger so much as a change of venue) and continues a little ways to the next cliff (where the story just ends because … there is another change of location). That is irritating on its own, but this part of the story didn’t really do much outside of introducing the protagonists family while continuing the love hate relationship of the MC besties. With no discernible plot, the cons for this story are a lot more noticeable … there is a complete lack of any male characters outside of bit parts for obvious set pieces. There is a complete lack of any understanding of scale where the only difference between a camp, a city, a planet, a star and a galaxy are really just words. All in all, even if you don’t really care much about realism, this was still a tough slog and only worth a read if you head on to the final book of the trilogy.

The Impossible Book 2 by Alexandria Clarke
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The final installment of The Impossible trilogy where our dynamic duo of besties make their way to the rebel camp/high school where we finally get to the big reveal of the entire point of the 3 books. All previously noted problems with the series remain; however, if you are here for the drama, you are in the right place. The story unfolds in a fairly predictable manner ... until you finally get to the hero's end (after completely ignoring the rebel context in favor of an obstructionist element to just pass the time). Ultimately I am sure this series will work for some, but the lack of any realistic world building and/or consistant context was definitely an issue for me, so despite the descent narration, the overall score for this and the entire series remains at a 3 (rounded up) and therefore recommended for casual entertainment when you find yourself bored and looking for a distraction.

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