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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

Review: The Harvested

The Harvested The Harvested by Kindra Sowder
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Narration: Okay if a bit overly dramatic. The cadence and intonation frequently at odds with what I felt should have been the emotion context of the text. The cast of voices was actually pretty good, if only there were more dialogue.

So many useless words ...
Mutant is discovered by the government and becomes a victim of an expected forced rendition to a secret lab where they conduct experiments while said prisoners plot their inevitable revenge ... now add details to make it interesting ... except that doesn't happen here.

What we get instead is an entire chapter on how to cook and eat green beans? This type of detail is not good world building and does not advance the main plot. Just as aggravating is the perpetual perseveration on the same dramatic element for pages of internal soliloquy (oh the drama of it all). Stir in some ridiculous science and I was nearly screaming at the speaker about how that is not how any of this works (hint: when atoms split really bad things happen ... except in this story where you just bleed a little bit). I kept hoping the story would pick up, but except for a few rare parts, it never really did.

Then we get to the main character ... I can tolerate a fair amount of youthful angst, but Mila hit my limit pretty quickly. The constant introspection was driving me bat crazy with how if took forever to resolve ... only to circle back to it later and do it again. I really do have a low threshold for drama (so if that is your thing, feel free to consider my rating 1 star higher). I just could not connect to any of the characters at all. By the time we get to the point where MC is revealed to be truly monstrous, any sympathy I may have had for that character completely evaporated. She was forced to make a choice ... she chose poorly. In the end, I did not really see much in the way of character growth before we get the pseudo cliffhanger ending (no real resolution yet) and a detailed setup/info-dump for the next book.

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